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You CAN Take It With You: Transcending Life and Death in God

You CAN Take It With You:
Transcending Life and Death in God

by Chris Tong, Ph.D.

Practical Spirituality Series, Book 6
78 pages
Publication Date: October 2000
ISBN: 0717354202

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1. The tradition of active responses to mortality

1.1. A completely different cultural perspective
1.2. Our own cultural inheritance: in the wake of an unravelled theocracy

The limitations of “go-with-the-flow” responses to mortality

1.3.1. The "everything is hunky-dory" response to mortality

1.3.2. Responding to mortality by aligning with a secondary principle

1.4. The best response to mortality: Learn how to link up with That which is greater than life and death while still alive

2. Key issues in the after-life (and in every moment)

2.1. The depth psychology of Enlightenment

2.2. Life, death, and equanimity

2.3. Psychic attractors

2.3.1. A force which appears to be more powerful than God

2.3.2. The formation of psychic attractors: you become what you meditate upon

2.3.3. Psychic gravitation in an egoic solar system

2.4. Psychic bullies

2.4.1. Reactivity and avoided psychic states control us and shape our destiny

2.4.2. Bullies, victimization, and blame

2.5. The unrecognizability of Reality

2.5.1. The ultimate psychic bully: We have met the enemy and he is "me"

2.6. Dream life as a barometer of Spiritual maturity

3. How to deal with psychic attractors, bust psychic bullies, recognize the dream nature of life and death, and Wake Up

3.1. Spiritual practice for self-transcendence and God-Realization

3.2. The Great Short-Cut: The Fully Awakened Spiritual Master

3.3. The Divine Physics of the relationship with the Spiritual Master

3.4. The Divine Attractor

3.5. How to deal with psychic attractors: Divine Distraction

3.6. How to bust psychic bullies: feeling without limitation in God

3.6.1. Standing up to a bully

3.6.2. Why we see the vision of God at death: the inevitable beatitude of surrender

3.6.3. Surrender, unlimited feeling, and Happiness coincide

3.6.4. The sense of being a separate self is the result of an activity we are unconsciously doing

3.6.5. Voluntary confinement: making a life-practice out of surrender and unlimited feeling

3.6.6. The capability to feel with the heart is a gift of Grace

3.6.7. Happiness must come to you: washed and melted in the Divine

3.6.8. Who ya gonna call? The Spiritual Master

3.7. How to recognize a dream: Wake Up

3.7.1. The Waking Up process is God Present from the start: absorption in God, then Identification with God

3.8. The Great Advantage of a tantric Spiritual practice based on God Present

3.9. The parable of the fly, the window, and the Hand


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